Q & M Dental Centre

Our flagship dental centre was opened in December 2009, at City Square Mall. With a built-in area of approximately 12,000 sq ft, it has 32-treatment rooms. It is fully equipped with the latest in dental technology such as 3D Radiography, CAD CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) equipment for one-day crown and dental laser.

3D Radiography

3D imaging solution with new Cone Beam technology goes far beyond traditional diagnostics and treatment capabilities. A large volumetric 3D image is created in a single 14 seconds 3D scan that provides highest resolution with the lowest radiation dose.

The imaging unit and its software work in complete harmony to provide a fully integrated workflow from diagnosis to treatment planning and surgical guides for implantology.

CAD CAM Digital Dentistry

The CAD CAM system uses computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD CAM) technology. This can be used to fabricate procelain and composite inlays, onlays, crowns and porcelain veneers within a single visit.

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Dental Laser

Dental laser is most commonly used to perform soft-tissue surgery, including removing tumors and lesions from the soft tissues of the mouth. Because the laser's high energy beam kills bacteria, it is often used to sterilize areas of the mouth before or during root canals, cavity treatment and other procedures. Many dentists use the laser to perform laser tooth cleaning and plaque removal. The laser is powerful enough to remove even heavily calcified deposits, leaving the teeth clean. The laser can also be used to treat gum disease.

  • Low pain treatment

    The pulse duration of the laser is so short that the reaction threshold of the nerves is not reached. There is generally no need for anaesthetics. No vibrations. No shrill drilling noise.

  • Germ-destroying effect

    The high energy beam kills germs. Owing to the high energy absorption in water of this laser wavelength, the moisture content of the germ cells is evaporated. The cell membrane bursts and the cell thus dies.

  • Faster wound healing

    Operations with laser are contactless and necrosis-free. So the result is faster wound healing without postoperative symptoms.

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