Mission Statement And Vision

In keeping with the mission statement and vision of Q & M Dental Group, the Q & M Dental Institute ('QDI') strives to achieve the followings:

  • To assist and facilitate our dentists in their continuous efforts in keeping abreast with the latest technology and evidence-based practice, by engaging them with workshops, seminars and conferences; and

  • To provide public education via various forums and other related platforms, and thus establishing ourselves as ambassadors of dental healthcare.

Clinical Director
Dr Jee Shizhuan, Terence
BDS (Singapore),
MDS (Endodontics) (Singapore),
M Endo RCS (Edinburgh),
FAMS (Endodontics)
Friends Of QDI

If you are a dentist who aspire to have continual improvements and wish to make new friends and mentors in a friendly and focused environment, join us as friends of Q & M Dental Institute ('QDI') for various lectures/workshops.

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CAD CAM Academy
(Root Canal Treatment)
Oral Surgery
(Wisdom Tooth Surgery)
(Children Dentistry)
(Gum Disease)
(Crowns & Bridges, Dentures)