Consult & Cleaning @ $53.50
What's Happening?
What's Happening
Consult & Cleaning @ $53.50

Consult & Cleaning @ $53.50*!

*$53.50 is inclusive of consultation, cleaning and polishing, sterilisation & disposable fees and GST. Applicable at The Poiz Centre branch only. Terms & Conditions apply.

Call 6968 5131 to fix an appointment with us right away, fastest finger first!


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Terms & Conditions:

- The above includes consultation, scaling and polishing, sterilisation and disposable fee and prevailing GST.

- The scaling and polishing is done by general dentist only.

- It is available during weekday at selected hours only. The list is subject to changes from time to time and is accurate at the time of publication.

- Please quote "$53.50 Cleaning & Polishing" when making an appointment and during registration at the clinic.

- If additional treatment is done, a sterilisation and disposable fee of $12.80 or $53.50 per visit is chargeable.

- It is not applicable to deep scaling, gum treatment or root planing.

- The Management reserves the right to amend and/or withdraw the terms and conditions herein without prior notice.



*$53.50包括咨询,洗牙和抛光,消毒和一次性费用以及政府消费税。仅适用于博雅中心(The Poiz Centre)的诊所。附带条件。

拨打 6968 5131并以最快的速度向我们诊所进行预约吧!


$280.30的美白牙齿也感兴趣?请浏览 了解更多详情。



- 以上内容包括咨询,洗牙和抛光,消毒和一次性费用以及政府消费税。

- 诊所有绝对的权利安排牙医为您洗牙和抛光。

- 仅在选定的时间内在下列参与的诊所提供此服务。 该名单可能会随时发生变化,并且在发布时是准确的。

- 进行预约和在诊所登记时,请向工作人员提示 "$53.50的洗牙和抛光"

- 如果有额外的治疗,每次问诊所需的消毒和一次性用品费用为$12.80$53.50

- 洗牙和抛光是由普通牙医或口腔保健治疗师完成的。

- 它不适用于深层清洁,牙龈治疗或根面平整术。

- 管理层保留在事先通知内修改和/或撤销本条款和条件的权利。

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